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Please login to our support portal to initiate, monitor or change the status of a support issue.

Another easy way to create a unique ticket is to contact tech support at or fill in the contact form below and submit the request. Once the ticket has been created, you will be notified of the ticket creation. If you choose not use the portal to communicate with support, and use email instead, please remember to always REPLY ALL to emails with the ticket number indicated in the subject line. This will append the email to your support request ensuring that all information relating to that request is stored together under that ticket number.

Once a support issue has been raised, a unique ticket number will be assigned to it and you will be notified by e-mail that the issue was created and when the status of your issue changes (including resolution). For help on using SpiceWorks, please follow the links below. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

SpiceWorks Help

For an overview of the SpiceWorks Help Desk portal and submission of tickets, please click here.

SpiceWorks Mobile

If you have an iPhone you can download and install the SpiceWorks iPhone App from iTunes.

If you have an iPad you can download and install the SpiceWorks iPad HD App from iTunes.

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