Custom Programming and Systems Integration

Work flow, Interoperability and data sharing adds value to your business process!

computerCode375x376We Have the Skills, the Know-How and the Experience

The staff at NaszTech Systems in Brockville, Ontario has been engaged in custom programming and systems integration for 30 years. We have developed applications in a myriad of languages and platforms for a wide variety of industries. From iPhone Apps to Web Apps, from VB to C, dBase to PHP, SQLite to Microsoft SQL Server. We have written programs for a variety of industries which include Health Care, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Wholesale and Retail, Transportation and others.

From EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), to labelling systems, Lab results analysis to case management software, time and expense logging to payroll, inventory management, point-of-sale, telecom call processing to encryption, we have pretty much done it all. Whatever your needs, we understand the challenges and draw from our experience to deliver on time and on budget.

Proven Methods, Proven Results

Over the years we have developed methods and systems to quickly produce highly functional and high quality custom applications requiring little or no support and which run on systems requiring no special supports. Whether the custom program you need is a turnkey solution, or whether it is just a part of a much larger integrated IT system, we can deliver and support the solution you need within budget.

Good custom software and design starts with listening. Over our 30-year history we put our University training to good use, continuously working on many projects over the years. We have honed our listening skills, routinely taking a cloud of issues and requirements and distilling them into business rules, work flow requirements and delivery tangibles. Those, in turn, are converted into a software and database design for simple and usable software – all developed using the tools and platform that make the most sense for the project. Furthermore, the design and development process has checks and balances to ensure that you are always involved and up to date.

Development Tools

We develop custom software using any and all of the following mainstream and legacy development languages and tools:

  • Visual Basic v6
  • Visual Studio 2008-2013
  • MS SQL server and Transact SQL
  • PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS
  • Many legacy development languages

Training and Documentation

Invariably, custom solutions require end-user training and documentation. As part of our deliverables, we always include comprehensive training and documentation so that your staff are self sufficient when taking over the finish product.

Ongoing Technical Support

Of course, we also stand behind what we develop. We provide ongoing technical support for any custom program or component we deliver. Depending on the complexity and nature of the solution, support could range from ad-hoc to ongoing mission-critical support. Support options and recommendations are always considered during the program design/proposal phase of the development project.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Over the years we have perfected our design and development process to ensure success every time. We are so confident that we guarantee our solutions meet or exceed requirements or your money back. Contact us, for a no obligation consultation on a project you need done. We would be happy to talk to you.