Outsourced Technical Support

Worry-free Technical Support

Why Outsourced Technical Support?

Having a state-of-the-art IT department is not an impossible dream for small and medium sized companies. Whether you have no staff or limited staff and need assistance in project management or delivery, NaszTech can help you by being your local outsourced technical support provider right here in Brockville, Ontario.

For small companies, having full-time staff with the latest skills and know-how is cost-prohibitive. Even if within budget, your plans can be difficult to implement with employee turnover. NaszTech eliminates staffing challenges and lowers costs by supplying management, delivery and ongoing service by knowledgeable and courteous staff. This is possible because our redundant resources are shared across multiple clients. Furthermore, you can benefit from this professional IT resource at a fixed monthly rate, making your budgeting easy and predictable.

Our efforts include facilitating and managing third party support as well. If you have existing support agreements with software vendors or other third parties, we will handle the support incidents for you. Our Outsourced Technical Support consolidates and simplifies all support, to help free your staff up to concentrate on their core competency.

For medium sized and larger companies, occasional project or on-demand assistance is required.  NaszTech works very well with existing staff in the delivery of ongoing projects, initiatives, or just helping in time of need.

Network Monitoring

If your services need to be running at all times, we can monitor them and react immediately if they go down. We use a suite of network monitoring tools to notify us when issues occur. Often, these issues are fixed before you are even aware they were down. In all cases, issues are tracked in detail for future reference and reporting. We try to automate your outsourced technical support as much as possible, to increase response time and services coverage.

Issue Tracking

When you have an issue you need assistance with, you can easily let us know by logging into our issue tracking system or sending an email to our support department. As an Outsourced Technical Support customer you are given a login to our issue tracking system where a ticket is assigned to your support issue. Within an hour, and usually immediately, a qualified technician will contact you to follow up. Your issue is typically resolved within minutes of contact.

Of course, if you do not have access to the Internet, or if you prefer, you can call us and we will start tracking the issue for you. Either way, as the status of your issue changes, you are notified by e-mail. Outsourcing your technical support to us could not get easier!

Disaster Recovery Planning

There is one universal truth – systems are guaranteed to fail. Therefore, how well we are prepared for that failure will determine the impact of the failure. The best way to prepare for eventual system failure is to develop a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

If you don’t already have a Disaster Recovery Plan, we will work with you to develop one. Your Disaster Recovery Plan will consider all points of failure in your IT infrastructure and will provide a pathway through those failures. Its goal is to minimize the likelihood and extent of down-time. It will identify the need for spare parts, backup system and special procedures specific to your business needs and risk tolerance. We will review the DRP regularly and update it as necessary to keep pace with your ever-changing business process and requirements.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Every company must plan for the future. We can help identify opportunities and risks, and work with you to develop an ongoing strategy that support your business goals. We will document, implement and manage strategies on an ongoing basis to ensure its fruition and that it is always current and relevant.

We have an extensive history in consulting and report writing and documentation.

Our Experience

NaszTech Systems has been supplying Outsourced Technical Support for more than 25 years. During that time we have assisted local companies to realize their IT goals. We have supported as few as one employee and as many as 500. Regardless of the challenges, we have the experience and know-how to supply and support the appropriate solutions for your needs and budget.

The industries we have served include: telecommunications, health-care, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, financial services, transportation and others. Clients in these industries have varied in size and in the number of offices and geographic locations. Regardless of your needs and requirements, we can help you as well.

Our Skill Set

We stay current with all emerging technologies and trends and we draw from our extensive experience to ensure your systems are always on solid footing. Working with NaszTech Systems, you can enjoy worry-free support in any and all of the following areas:

  • Virtual Servers and Machines (Windows or VMware)
  • Traditional Servers
  • Terminal Services
  • Unix/Linux Servers
  • Oracle, MS and MySQL, MS SQL Server and Database Management and Maintenance
  • Networks and Routing (Ethernet, Fibre)
  • WAN Setup and Management
  • PCs, Printers, Scanners, Photocopiers and Plotters
  • Peripherals (SANs, NAS, etc.)
  • Mobile Devices (Blackberry, iOS, Android)
  • Cloud Services and Backups
  • Website and Web Application Development and Management

Whatever skills we do not have in-house, we will procure through third parties. You can be sure, that virtually any need can be met at a reasonable cost.

Fixed Costs, No Surprises

We structure our outsourced technical support agreements to be at a fixed monthly or annual cost. This cost depends on the infrastructure (software and hardware), and the number and extent of user support. A fixed cost allows you to budget worry free, while we worry about minimizing issues and downtime.

We can determine the exact cost of the support after we do a no-cost, no-obligation analysis of your network and requirements, done at your convenience. Contact us to see what we can do for you.