SEO, SEM and Analytics are key to getting on top and staying there!

How Important is it to Score Well on Google?percentage of traffic by google results position

…in a word: VERY!

In an important study conducted in 2011, Miranda Miller of states:

“In search marketing, the difference between a first and second place listing can be huge, according to new research from

This study was conducted in 2011 and undoubtedly the stats have changed – however, the importance or scoring well have not! Below is a graph indicating that approximately 70% of users click the first four links in Google search results. For good search result ranking, you should be in the top 4 links.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, if your website is not optimized for searches, it will be virtually invisible to potential customers looking for your products and services. Having a website is just not good enough anymore. Because much of the new traffic to your website will likely come through Google and other search engines, you must also have a website that is optimized for the search keywords your potential customers are using. Clearly, you need to know exactly what keywords are being used to find you, your products and services. To meet this need, at NaszTech we provide Search Engine Optimization services.

For example, people who find this web page search Google with queries like:

  • “help with search engine optimization”
  • “professional search engine optimization”
  • “improve website ranking”
  • “website marketing” or “advertising a website”

However, it is likely that for your business we will see that many people will specify that they are looking for the service you offer within Brockville or maybe the 1000 Islands region. We too see people specifying Brockville in their searches because we are local and in the vast sea of the Internet, the Brockville and surrounding area is minuscule. In order to find the content users are looking for, search queries are becoming increasingly complex and specific as the number of web pages continue to grow.

In order to properly optimize your website, we consult with you to understand your products, services and customers. As necessary, we will review Google search history that relates to your business and will structure your site and help you write content for your site that is sympathetic with those critical searches. At NaszTech we are trained and certified to optimize your new WordPress or existing website to give you the best chance to present your products and services to those who are looking for them. Initial SEO services are always included in new WordPress website development, however, we can also help optimize your existing website, whether it is a WordPress site or not.

Sustained SEO and SEM and Analytics

Based on the your competition and their Internet savvy, or on the generality of your search keywords, good SEO may not be enough for you to score well on the search results. To maximize your sales and marketing potential you may require Search Engine Marketing (SEM) via a Google AdWords campaign. We can leverage your website SEO in an AdWords campaign to ensure visibility on search results. Our certified AdWords consultants will ensure your Google AdWords campaigns are highly targeted to your customers’ searches and that meets your budget at the lowest CPC (cost per click).

Furthermore, depending on your business goals, industry or business sector, business model and budget, you may need sustained SEO and SEM services. Again, our experts will review your content and SEO against Google Analytics, Google Webmasters and AdWords reports to ensure your website is always in line with the search efforts of your customers. At this involvement level we provide monthly statistical reports to prove our efforts are resulting in more traffic to your website. You will always have your finger on the pulse of the Internet sales traffic.

Please contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on your website, SEO, SEM and Analytics needs.