WordPress Website Maintenance

Your WordPress website is no longer a brochure to advertise your business. In today’s Internet-driven economy, your website is an important aspect of your business and a means for customers to find and interact with you. You built a professional website that reflects your products and services and keep it current with fresh content. Your site is Search Engine Optimized and perhaps you are engaged in a Pay-per-Click advertising campaign, and so you are getting new business as a result of your efforts. Excellent work! Your investment is paying off. But what’s next?

You need website maintenance and traffic reporting.

WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress websites are not a set of static web pages as was once the case with traditional websites. A WordPress site is an application that is built with code, media and content – all stored in a database. This complex application, although very powerful and functional, is also vulnerable to issues such as corruption and hacking. As a result, all WordPress websites require regular maintenance which consists of:

  • Theme updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Security software installation and maintenance
  • Regular off-site backups and backup monitoring
  • Technical Support when things go wrong

Ultimately, what is the purpose of a WordPress Website Maintenance package? It boils down to three benefits:

  1. It minimizes downtime – Downtime is inevitable, but it’s frequency and duration is within your control. With a good maintenance regimen downtime may by very rare and could be limited to the time it takes to restore the backup.
  2. It limits your costs – Troubleshooting issues, fixing problems, applying patches and restoring from failures is a complicated and time consuming process requiring technical knowledge and expertise. Getting a bill when something drastic happens can be a shock to the system. With regular monthly or quarterly billing you can safely budget your costs with no surprises.
  3. It gives you peace of mind – When you are in good hands you can rest easy – let us take the worry out of the technical aspects of your site while you enjoy the benefits it provides your business.

Why Do You Need Updates?

Your WordPress website is not a collection of HTML pages website were once upon a time. A WordPress site is a application built from a number of software and database components. All of these components are subject to security risks, corruption an hacking. In fact, WordPress itself is updated a few times a year to add functionality and plug security holes.

The combination of WordPress, your website Theme, the Plugins and any other components together will require at least monthly updates. Updates are released for one component or another weekly. Allowing those updates to lapse will inevitably lead to either a hacked website, or one that cannot be successfully updated to the latest versions because too many updates have passed from your installed versions to the one available. Consider this – your WordPress website is similar to Windows in its need and frequency of updates and patches, and we all know the risks of letting those updates lapse.

All your WordPress website components are interrelated. Updating WordPress may break your Theme. Updating your WordPress Theme may break your Plugins. etc. etc. Only competent and experience personnel should attempt these updates. We can ensure success and recovery.

Recovery Costs

Without a WordPress Website Maintenance package, there are rarely current backups, or even backups at all. From experience, unfortunately this is usually the case. Technicians are left scrambling to locate a backup or the original development files to attempt a restore of an old version of a website. The time required to recover drags on resulting in a less than ideal outcome at a high cost – leaving everyone disappointed, and with a lesson learned.

With a maintenance agreement, we ensure that regular backups are successful and copied to our servers for safe keeping. You will always have a good copy of the website ready to go in case of catastrophic failure. The best part is – recovery won’t cost a penny more. It’s included in your maintenance agreement.

Website Traffic Reporting

A bonus addition to your WordPress Website Maintenance package is the regular and detailed reporting of your website traffic. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing your website is always up to date and backed-up, you will be given monthly reports (in PDF form) showing you web traffic stats. You will finally know:

  • how much traffic your website is receiving and from where (geographically, by source, by device, etc.)
  • the keywords used to find your site on Google
  • how long visitors are staying on your site and what pages they visit most or in sequence
  • and more…

Once you know the stats, you will be in a better position to keep your site current with trends and opportunities. Isn’t it time you took better control of your website?

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